Customer and Stakeholder Insight 

Why do you need Insight?  

Customer or Service User feedback helps you understand what your customers, people who use your services or beneficiaries think about your organisation. You can use this insight to improve your service, change how you help people, or how to interact with people  On occasion you need to work with your stakeholders and understand their expectations and needs. Sometimes feedback simply confirms what you already know and provides reassurance to funding organisations.  Where your grant funders want outcome reporting, this can partly come from customer feedback.

Outcome reporting is a slightly different but overlapping process. Whether your grant funders want to know the impact of the projects they're funding or you would like to monitor outcomes for your own decision making, we can help you understand the activity and impact of the work you do.

Your greatest resource and first stakeholder is your people whether that is paid staff or your volunteers.  The best way to find out what they think and need is to ask them! Staff engagement provides this vehicle whether that's a one-off piece around a project or restructure, or a repeated exercise to keep a track of important metrics in your organisation.

Why outsource?

Your organisation is expert at what it does, your donors and funders expect you to use your resources as efficiently as possible to deliver your key services. By allowing us to help you with your customer insight, you will free up your time to concentrate on your organisation. We will plan a project that gives you the information you need at the time you need it.

Customer insight and outcomes monitoring are not difficult to manage, however they do require some expertise and experience to deliver a successful project. We can help you find questions that will give you the information you need and work out how to gather information from your customers or effectively and legally use information you already hold.  

Why KaMetrics®?

You deserve a bespoke, expert service.

Kam has considerable expertise in customer insight and management information. She has worked with charities in executive and non-executive roles.  Kam understands the pressures and opportunities faced by the VCSE sector so can be responsive to your needs.  Kam is a member of the Market Research Association and uses this membership to stay up to date with research practice so you can be assured that KaMetrics will manage your work to the highest standards.

If you wish, we can work with your stakeholders to create a project that incorporates their expectations.

From our customers:

"I worked with Kam to develop a survey to gain views from a range of stakeholders to develop our charity’s long term strategy. She was enormously useful, both from a content but also from a process perspective, bringing her years of relevant experience to bear to create great surveys. She understood our context and tailored her suggestions accordingly. We had a good response of useful information so I really recommend working with Kam."

Lauren - CEO, Vision North Somerset

What's included?

This depends on what you want to do. Many organisations have facilities to reach their customers and are happy to do this themselves. This can be very effective as you already have a relationship with your customers so they are used to hearing from you.  You may already collect information on the amount of work you do and the impact you have on your customers. In this case, you will want us to plan your project and let you know what to do and when. We can provide document templates and set up your customer engagement for you on your own system.

If you want more help, such as running a survey or data collection and analysis we can help you with that. The costs will depend on the complexity of your project. We are happy to have a conversation with you about what you need.

As you will own the templates we offer you, you could repeat your engagement or outcomes monitoring using the same documents, making this a one-off cost and returning on your investment for some years.